My portfolio

Hi, I am Peter, a UX/UI Designer with a background in graphic design and illustration.


Improve matching experience with wingbuddy

For a user group whose age range is 30-40 years old, there is an observed problem of lack of motivation when it comes to sending the first message to a match. After a match occurs between two users, most of the time, they are not moving on with starting the conversations with their matches.


Preparely for watersport fanatics

Provide beautifully displayed and easy-to-understand wind, wave, and weather reports, forecasts, and statistics for water sports aficionados.


Website redesign for better conversion.

I was asked to redesign the companies website and make it easy to understand so that it caters to both B2C as well as B2B Customers. A website where users can find information, order products, make an appointment for house visits or get online help. Besides that, they asked me to rethink their design strategy and come up with a new corporate identity to re-establish themselves in an ever-changing market.